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Just few steps to your own free classifieds site, your own marketplace!

Only 3 minutes. Installation is really simple and easy and does not require many skills.
It has certain features that make Osclass stand out from other online tools.

Osclass is a php script that allows you to quickly create and manage your own free classifieds site, your own marketplace, your own shop online.
Using this script, you can provide free advertising for items to sale, real estate, jobs, cars, bike, books, handcraft, dating website whatever idea you have.
With osclass you have all the features required to run your business smoothly. Olso it supports multi-language.
Possibilities with osclass script are infinite without any limitations!
You can create your sites without any technical or programming knowledge.

Start your business now with Osclass, it s so easy!
With Osclass themes, you will be able to change the appearance of your website and make it look professional.
It is powered by the latest bootstrap framework and html5/Css3, which improves usability.


Discover the most important features of this open-source script! Osclass is developed from many years already.
Osclass it is used in over 1 million installations website and have a great community whit many developers constantly improving osclass.

Easy to install
There is no need for any expert knowledge.
You can control the configurations and manage the site from a user-friendly dashboard.

You can add plugins and themes according to your site needs.
The variety of plugins and themes makes your site attractive and functional.
Osclass is SEO friendly, has responsive designs and can supports different languages.

Payment Options
Osclass offer easy Payment options to helps to make transactions via your website.
Osclass have implemented Google Adsense.
You can earn money from day one with your website. With our payments plugin, you can be easily integrated into your website 2Checkout,, Bank transfer, Blockchain, Braintree, Cardinity, CCAvenue, EuPlatesc, Instamojo,,, PayPal, Payza, PagSeguro, PayUMoney, Paystack,, Stripe, Skrill,,, Yandex Money so you can charge your customers from anywhere in the world.

Customer delight
It s one-time registration process and user can share via social networks.
Each user can analyze the statistics via their dashboard. These features make user to use your site continuously.

SEO Freiendly
Osclass automatically generates XML Sitemaps, robots.txt, and SEO friendly URLs.
Features like Spam Filter, Akismet, reCaptcha, User Ban System, etc. prevent 90% spam content and deliver high-quality content.
You can remove spam comments automatically to avoid security issues. Osclass provides email alerts, CSRF in the forms, preview of the email templates, HTML formatting tools, customization of the time zone, date format, currency, payment security tools, etc.

Worldwide locations
Create your website for any place in the world, osclass provide locations for more than 250 countries at level country > region > city. It is so easy to adjust countries, regions or cities from backoffice based on your needs.

Automatically include a watermark to images uploaded so nobody can steal content. All images uploaded are protected. You can choose between a text or an image watermark.

Grow in customer/users using your webpage thanks to the alerts service. Osclass webpage will send an email every time when someone is doing somethig in accordance with the alert setup. Enabling and disabling alerts you can manage manually from your dashboard.

Custom Fields
You can introduce extra fields and mark them as required or not.

Static pages
Create up to 100 static pages to explain who you are, create a FAQ section for your website or simply to explain what you want to communicate to your visitors. Use the WYSiWYG editor to get the best outcome for your static page.

Add categories and subcategories
You can modify or create as many categories and subcategories as you need.

Add your banners
You have pre-filled spaces with the most common ads formats to make it easy for you to show your own ads on your website and earn money. You can use your Google Adsense code on your webpage.

Google Maps integrated
You can include the exact address that allows you to locate it on a map just by adding the exact address.

Publish video ads
It is possible to add a photo or video, just paste a url to show the video.

Choose currency
Osclass allows you to create unlimited number of currencies from backoffice.

Responsive for mobiles and tablets
Your website will be responsive for mobiles and tablets, which will improve your webpage SEO.

SEO Friendly
Webpage is ready to be indexed by Google as soon as it is created thanks to SEO friendly structure used by Osclass. Page will display robots.txt to every search engine.

With Akismet technology you will not have spam on your website. Your website will not be filled with trash.

Osclass allows unlimited administration accounts to have the function of managing the page with all the necessary permissions.

Email templates
All the e-mails needed for the correct functioning of the website are automatically loaded. Everyone will receive their corresponding e-mails without having to be written by yourself. If you want to change the template text, you just have to edit it and leave it the way you want.

Moderation of ads
You can manage everything is published on your website. Mark them as "blocked" or "deactivated" if you do not want to show to the community. You can also eliminate if you are not interested in keeping them. Also you can edit them yourself from your admin menu according to your usage rules.

Maintenance mode
Easy you can activate the maintenance mode and your page will no longer have any activity until you disable it.

Select the keywords that you do not want to have published on your website with the stopwords functionality. Just add the words you do not want to display in the list and no one will be able to post an ad with them.

Use your own email server or Google Apps
If your email require a very high traffic, you will not have any problems: besides the free shipping included in Osclass you can always move to manage your own mail server. You can make it even easier if you use your own Gmail account or Google Apps for the mailings of your webpage in Osclass.

Google Analytics
For more data about your audience, such as referrals, the most visited pages or the average duration of visits you can use Google Analytics. You can use your own Google Analytics code on your website and access all the information.

Organization filters
Sort everything with filters to see by the newest or the oldest, the most expensive or the cheapest..... You can display the page in list format or mosaic format.

Manage images/media on your site
Edit or delete the images uploaded easily from your administration panel.

Unlimited ads
Users can post as many they wish thanks to the unlimited feature.

Choose date format
You can set up the date and time format according to your country.


How can I pay?
You can pay us using a highly secure financial service, backed with some of the best end-to-end encryption available. After your payment has been completed, you can find the product in Download area (download link is also sent to your email address).

If I’m not satisfied with my purchase, can I get a refund?
We practice a no refund policy so if you experience any difficulties with the theme or if you undergo any problems with downloading it, we will be happy to help you.

Can I customize the theme or plugin?
You can make your own code edits or design edits. You don’t need to credit or link us back.
We do not provide assistance if the problem occur from your customize code.

I paid but I am not able to login or download!
Please make sure to check your Spam folder in email inbox. If it’s not there, please contact us with your purchase details and we will sort it out ASAP.

Can I test drive a template before purchasing?
Unfortunately, we do not offer a trial for our themes. But you can see all of our Osclass themes live in our demo server.

Do we create custom work defined by client?
If you need an developer please feel free to contact us. We are always ready to create the best theme or plugin for you.

Time support
Our work time is 08:00 to 16:00 timezone. We will help you outside these hours if we’re online.