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Content Delivery Network
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Download the Content Delivery Network Osclass plugin! Easy to install and works perfectly with any osclass version lower and higher than 3.9.0

Through CDN service you may rapidly reduce load time of your website for visitors and boost your SEO site

You have to use CDN service and We recommend to use Keycdn as a one of best providers with a great support, easy setup and very cheap charge per year.

Keycdn has many servers worldwide, Keycdn Network and static content is replicated to all of these servers. This means when your server is located in UK and visitor comes from US, static content will not be downloaded from UK server, but from Keycdn server located in US.

Keycdn service may rapidly improve load time of your site by delivering your static content (images, css, js) via Keycdn service those servers are close to any visitor worldwide.

It doesnt matter if the site is HTTP or HTTPS but we recommend the latest option for extra high security.

Minimum payment is $49 / years, (FIRST 10 TB per month is only $0.04/GB)

Keycdn boost your SEO site and user experience on google.

Plugin update

Last version: 07/11/2021

Plugin extra functionality

if you want to personalize it:

possible require theme modifications

possible require PHP skills

possible require CSS/JS/HTML skills


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