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WebP Images Transformer

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WebP Images Transformer
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More than 9 out of 10 users are using a browser that is able to display webp images. Yet, on most websites, they are served jpeg images, which are typically double the size of webp images for a given quality. What a waste of bandwidth! This plugin was created to help remedy that situation. With little effort, Osclass admins can have their site serving autogenerated webp images to browsers that supports it, while still serving jpeg and png files to browsers that does not support webp.

Serving lightweight WebP images can help boost your site speed, critical as both a ranking factor and as part of the user experience. Google show the lossless version of WebP files are approximately 26% smaller than PNG files. Lossy WebP files are also usually between 25 and 34% smaller than JPEGs. Serving WebP rather than JPEG or PNG image files could save a good chunk of bandwidth, especially if your Osclass sites have a lot of images.

Plugin update

Last version: 31/01/2022

Plugin admin functionality

WebP Images simply takes every listing image on your classifieds and create it's ".webp" version. Conversion works for JPG, JPEG, PNG and GIF listing images. Installation is very easy. Once you've installed plugin, go to Configuration page of plugin, select quality, types of images, ... and save. For new listings WebP images are automatically generated on publish. For existing listings go to Settings > Media and simply regenerate your thumbnails.

On large classifieds we recommend to use latest v. of Osclass that allows sequential images regeneration. Plugin use "filter" for resource URLs and change extension. Using only WebP images in theory may cause problems to customers using legacy/old browsers. In order to provide full support to legacy browsers, plugin contains functions those generates new HTML tags using "picture" and "srcset". Alternativelly, it is possible to use only functions to get ".webp" image url:

quality of WebP images (0 - 100)

engine used to generate WebP images (GD library by default - imagewebp function must exists, or ImageMagick if available)

type of images for those WebP format will be generated (thumbnail, preview, normal sizes)

Plugin automatically replace

Plugin also allows to modify image URLs without need to modify single line of code.

thumbnail images

preview images

normal images

Benefit of this plugin

Much faster load time for images in browsers that supports webp. The converted images are typically less than half the size, while maintaining the same quality. Bear in mind that for most web sites, images are responsible for the largest part of the waiting time. Better user experience. Better ranking in Google searches. Less bandwidth consumption, makes a huge difference in the parts of the world where the internet is slow and costly.

Currently ~95% of all traffic, and ~96% of mobile browsing traffic are done with browsers supporting webp. Check current numbers on Plugin it’s great for the environment too! Reducing network traffic reduces electricity consumption which reduces CO2 emissions.


Note: If you are looking for legacy browsers setup, we recommend this plugin to advanced users only. Plugin require minimum PHP 7.2 or higher and function imagewebp must exitst on your installation on cpanel provider.

Plugin extra functionality

If you want to personalize it:

possible require some modifications

possible require PHP skills

possible require CSS/JS/HTML skills


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