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Mapbox Maps Plugin

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Mapbox Maps Plugin
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This plugin add map functionality to your osclass pages for free. Mapbox Streets uses OpenStreetMap.

Plugin does not require any modifications in theme files only if you want to place the code to your theme home or search page map. It is only one map on page and is free!

Now you need pay to Google for using google maps because Google introduced billing plan for using google map services and ended up free services. Our plugin is totally free and has no limits in usage.

Plugin use original osclass tables to store all the information.

Because a lot of owners have large classifieds with thousands of listings, we create PHP script that can be run via cron and fill all the missing coordinates for you. Mapbox policy restrict usage API to just 1 query per second, that means it is possible to get 3600 unique coordinates per hour. On configuration plugin you may find details on how to setup cron for your website.

Plugin update

Last version: 09/07/2022

Plugin solutions integrated

home page

search page

item page

publish page


Plugin extra functionality

if you want to personalize it:

possible require theme modifications

possible require PHP skills

possible require CSS/JS/HTML skills


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