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OTP SMS verification code

Published 2 months ago
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OTP SMS verification code
Published 2 months ago


OTP SMS verification code plugin for Osclass helps you to verify phone numbers associated with users and ads to make sure that it is valid and is owned by the respective user. SMS message with a unique verification code is send to the mobile number while registering a user or posting an ad. Users need to enter the code in the text box shown to verify their phone number. OTP SMS verification code via SMS customers on your osclass classifieds will need to verify phone number used on account registration as well as when new listing is published or modified. When new user register, there is need to provide phone number to complete registration. Once number is entered, default registration process continues to phone number verification. User may not complete phone number verification, but in that case will not be able to enter user account section until phone number is verified via SMS. Once new listing is published or modified, where phone number has been added to listing, user is required to verify this phone number via SMS. If number has been already verified (when account has been registered), no verification is required. Listing owner may not complete phone number verification, but until phone number is not verified, listing will not be activated and will not be accessible by visitors. Each phone number is required to be verified just once. To be verified, person must have the phone physically to receive the sms code. Plugin is using a pre-built verification functionality from gateways on the back-and to provide a unique and professional verification system. Plugin provides functionality to notify visitors as well as admin about actions from site. This options can be enable or disable to receive SMS.

Plugin update

Last version: 30/07/2022

Plugin functionality for users

User with phone by receiving OTP (One Time Password) via SMS with a link they can do:

Account Validation

Password Reset

Item Validation

Item Activated

Item Publish

Also users can receive SMS with notification when someone has used contact form on its listing.

Plugin functionality for admin

Admin on his phone will receive a notification OTP (One Time Password) via SMS in case:

Web Contact Form has been used

New listing has been added on site

New user has registered on site

SMS Gateways - Providers integrated











Each gateway can be tested from plugin backoffice.

Plugin provide log history for each verification attempt as well as history of all SMS that has been sent using plugin.

Plugin integrates Pay Payment Gateways and allow to send notification SMS only to users those belongs to selected groups allowing to monetize your classifieds.

Benefits of OTP OTP SMS verification code

Avoid SPAMS users and ad postings

Verify ownership of phone number

Supports all major SMS providers

Stylish mobile number Input Field with automatic country code selection

Automatically generates verification code

Responsive design

Plugin extra functionality

If you want to personalize it:

possible require some modifications

possible require PHP skills

possible require CSS/JS/HTML skills


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