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Terms and conditions for using easyosclass marketplace website

By using this site you are agree with all the terms an conditions listed on this page.

General rules

EasyOsclass Marketplace is a website offering graphic themes, designs, plugins and modules for free open-source script osclass. We dont promote any other market or sites. Customer are responsible for keeping his personal login credentials in a secure environment, customer can retrieve the login credentials on email address used on registration. Unauthorized access on customer account can lead on disabling that account. Customers cannot pass the login credential or allow other customers to use his credentials. Using data by any other customer may lead to close the account and also restricting the acces on our services.Any material (themes, plugins, custom work, or other type of files) obtain by customers from this site is owned by us and cannot be redistributed, sell or share. Customer has to keep a copy of any material obtained from this site in a secure place. The contact between customer and developers team can be made only through our system.
Failure to comply with this roules will cause restriction to customer on this site, lost of support, and closing his account.

Data collection

When customers access the sites we collect several types of information from and about customers to access our site. By using/navigate on this site you are agree to collect this information, if you are not agree please do not use this site. Our site may use other third-party services like Google Analytics or other applications that will collect information about customers and visitors. This informations are not in our control and are not stored on our data or handle by us.
This site use cookies and other tracking technologies to store information about your visit, analyse how you use our products and services and provide content from third parties. Some data is storage in cookie to ensure a good interaction with our site and for you to have access in your account.For more information about data storage, visit the privacy policy page. Privacy Policy This information is stored on our hosting secure servers behind firewalls, and by using this site you are agree with the transfer of your information to these servers. The data stored on our server can be delete any time by the customer who have an account, by deleting his account. We reserve this right to keep this infromation in the backup and to delete this information only on customer request, if no request is made to delete the data from backup, the restored data may contain the deleted data by customer from site.
If you are not agree with collecting data about your visit on this site or any other information about you and your session on this site, you cannot use/access this site or services provided by us.


  • Pre-sale
  • Each product is available for download immediately after payment is completed. All products sold at EasyOsclass Marketplace are intagible - virtual. This means you cannot return product in any way once purchased, there is also no trial period for testing.

  • After-sale
  • When order is paid, following actions will be available for customer:
    Create e-mail - E-mail are primary channel for providing support. Communication should be kept in this channel so our team to be able to verify problems.
    Download product - Download link is available on product page, in user account. Latest validated version of product is available for download only.
    Leave feedback/review
    Each customer that bought product can leave review/rating or feedback, no matter if it is possitive or negative.


    Each product bought on our Marketplace has support included. Support is provided only for paid products purchased from our market, only for original products that was not modified by customers. Will not provide any support for free products, all the free products will be provided without any guarantee.12 months support is provided to every purchased product from purchase date, after this period customer is not eligible for support and cannot download purchased products anymore. You may purchase product again to renew support and access to latest updates. Please consider having copy of purchased products at your computer as you will not be able to download product once your support has expired (after 12 months).

    Customer must describe problem as much as possible, provide links and describe, to reproduce issue, send screenshots and details of osclass installation and product version. Author should reply to each e-mail support inquiry in 7 days.
    Support is provided to product itself only. Products are delivered in "as is" state.
    Support does not cover custom development, customization or personal requirements. Product author may not reply to questions regarding custom development.
    For customization or personal requirements contact our team and we may help you. Price for custom development may be much higher than price for product itself.
    Developer may reject providing support in case customer is not eligible to prove purchase/order for this product. Customer must behave politely, insults, spam or threats to our team support may lead into termination of the support and updates provided to product and blocking customers account without claim for compensation.

    Support and updates are free services provided as extra value to each product. Support to customer can be terminated at any time, if serious circumstances on customer side are found (reselling or sharing of products, spamming, harashement, insult). In these situations we reserve right to terminate support and updates to customer with no right for refund.

    The developer can refuse the support in this cases:
  • customer do not provide all the required information to test the issue and diagnose;
  • the issue is not related with the product;
  • the product is modified and not original;
  • the product is installed on a modified version of osclass;
  • the customer do not cooperate in identifying and solving the issue;
  • the osclass installation is not running on acceptable hosting;
  • the osclass installation is running on localhost or on a free hosting;
  • the server do not meet the minimum required to run osclass or the product;
  • the issue cannot be reproduced on any other servers, or other installations of osclass;
  • the product is sell or share with other persons;
  • Refunds

    The product sold on market are intangible, this product are virtual products that cannot be sent back like tangible products. If the order is complete and the product is download the trader is considerated complied with his obligations, so the refund request will not be accepted.

    Refunds are possible only if the theme or the plugin is not working on your website, and the reason is in our theme or plugin. But first you have to give access to the cpanel/script files and admin panel site, to check for errors by our team. This is done because all our products are well tested before selling, and there are not any problems. Most of the time the reason can be in the settings of your hosting or something like that and maybe we can find for you how to fix it.
    Refund is possible only up to 7 days after purchase and following conditions must be met:
  • product is not functional or cannot be installed on compatible osclass;
  • customer has provided all required information to help fix and investigate;
  • original version (no custom modifications) of product has been used;
  • customers script is running on acceptable hosting (no localhost; no low cost and free providers);
  • product is able to reproduce the issue on different installation of osclass as well (problem is not caused by osclass installation).
  • If these conditions are not met or there is suspicion of fraud, customers account will be immediatelly blocked without claim for compensation.
    EasyOsclass basicPurchase of product means that customer is eligible to install product on 1 live (domain) website at same time, with no limitations on subdomains.
    In case there is need to use product on multiple websites, it is required to buy it multiple times.
    Product author can reject support in case customer is not able to provide proof of purchase/order for each site.
    Product is delivered in english only, if not mentioned differently on product page, however product is available for translations into any language using PO file by customer.

    Breaking these rules may lead to blocking customers account without claim for compensation, updates and support.

    Your use of the website is at your sole risk. The website is provided on an "AS IS" and "AS AVAILABLE" basis. The website is provided without warranties of any kind, whether express or implied, including, but not limited to, implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, non-infringement or course of performance.
    Website do not warrant that:
  • will function uninterrupted, secure or available at any particular time or location;
  • any errors or defects will be corrected;
  • the website is free of viruses or other harmful components;
  • or the results of using the website will meet your requirements.
  • Terms used on this page

  • Customer/User- any person that use this website and our marketplace or chose to register on the website;
  • Developer - team named EasyOsclass;
  • Website - EasyOsclass.Com;
  • Material- is used in some context and is referring to code, folders, plugins, themes, custom work or any other product that is listed for sell;
  • Product/Products - is used in some context and is referring to code, folders, plugins, themes, custom work or any other product that is listed for sell;
  • Support - help provided by developer team to customer in some cases for some products;
  • Purchase/Order - the method that customer will make an acquirement of any product from the marketplace;
  • Custom development - any request for changes on products that is not included in the obligations of the developers;

  • We may, at any time, and at our discretion, modify these Terms and Conditions, including our Privacy Policy without notice to the Customer.
    Any such modification will be effective immediately upon public posting.
    Your continued use of our Marketplace and this site following any such modification means your acceptance of these modified terms.
  • Last update: 10/10/2021
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